PSE Partnership relies on expertise from many different sources to help shape the curriculum. Safer Healthcare is a for-profit organization in Denver that takes lessons learned from the aviation industry and applies them to healthcare. David Marshall has generously shared his expertise in human factors and Crew Resource Management (CRM) principles to help inform residents and provide tools and techniques in the prevention of error.



SaferHealthCareDavid Marshall

President and Chief Operating Officer, Safer Healthcare

DavidMarshallAs a founder and principle of Safer Healthcare, Mr. Marshall is responsible for executing the corporate strategic vision, driving business development and ensuring operational excellence. Mr. Marshall has successfully overseen the implementation of High Reliability Crew Resource Management programs and the development of Perfect Patient Care™ models in hundreds of hospitals globally. From medical schools to hospitals to industry partners, Mr. Marshall facilitates roundtable discussions, and delivers keynote addresses on topics, including: Creating high reliability organizations in healthcare, Empowering quality-driven Accountable Care Organizations, The power of High Reliability Crew Resource Management in healthcare and Delivering Perfect Patient Care.

Mr. Marshall is widely published on patient safety, quality and reliability and is an award-winning author of the best-selling book “Crew Resource Management: From Patient Safety to High Reliability.” Mr. Marshall received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA. Currently residing in Denver Colorado, Mr. Marshall serves on several not-for-profit boards, volunteers with civic organizations and mentors at-risk students within the Denver public school system.


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