COPIC has been a leader in Colorado and nationally as a professional liability insurer committed to patient safety and risk management. The 3 R’s Program pioneered the way for honest conversations with patients and families and fair compensation when an unanticipated event has occurred. COPIC has supported the patient safety program by providing coaching for the disclosure communication exercises as well as supporting interns/residents in their reporting of adverse events, near misses and unsafe conditions. Gerry Lewis-Jenkins has provided her leadership and expertise overall in helping to shape the program.



COPIC LogoGerry Lewis-Jenkins, Executive Vice President

GerryLewisGerry has been a member of the COPIC organization since 1991. She is currently Executive Vice President and has held various other positions throughout her tenure at the COPIC Companies. In her current role as Executive Vice President, she oversees all aspects of Sales, Corporate Marketing & Communications, Public Affairs, and Information Technology for COPIC, and COPIC’s wholly-owned subsidiary COPIC Financial Services Group. Gerry also oversees COPIC’s book of business in Nebraska, new products and expansion or acquisitions that COPIC may consider, and patient safety initiatives. Prior to joining COPIC, Gerry was Executive Director of Humana Health Plans of Colorado. She is a registered nurse with more than 20 years’ experience in clinical and hospital management. She holds a degree in Health Care Administration and a MBA from Regis University.



Alan Lembitz, MD

Alan LembitzDr. Lembitz is the Vice President, COPIC, Patient Safety and Risk Management. COPIC provides professional liability coverage for 7200 physicians in CO and NE, over 50 hospitals, and many other non-acute facilities. Dr. Lembitz speaks locally, regionally and nationally on practical solutions to reducing unanticipated outcomes for patients as a result of medical care; and on approaches to patients and families when those outcomes occur. COPIC’s 3Rs program has assisted with payments to over 2300 patients to date. The principles of program are preservation of physician-patient relationship, transparency, education in the skills of disclosure and necessary resolution of patient’s financial, physical and emotional needs following an adverse outcome. Dr. Lembitz received his MD from the University of Colorado in 1984, and a Masters in Medical Management from Carnegie Mellon University in 2001. He practiced urgent care and emergency medicine in the community setting. Dr. Lembitz spends his non-professional time with the blessings of his family: his wife, their twin sons and daughter, his older son and his eldest daughter. His other pursuits include 3-time national championships in telemark ski racing.


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